To provide an opportunity for especially talented young men  to gain national exposure and awareness of their skills in both academics and athletics.

We will accomplish this goal by providing a competitive team to premiere at local, regional, and national tournaments and shoot out events.

Our philosophy is to concentrate on the core basics of basketball each and every minute of practice or during a game. It is expected that each player reaches their individual potential as the team exceeds the sum of its individual member’s abilities. 

This requires hard work and dedication to the fundamentals of basketball. Our play will exemplify the following:

     • Offense may win games, but defense wins championships ... defense is the key to the game

     • Never give up ... miraculous things have happened when one never gives up
    • Play hard and competitive, but always in a sportsmanship manner

      •  Winning as well as losing games is a learning experience

      •  Provide leadership both on and off the court